Player Characters

As much as I’d like to format this list of player character sheets into a webpage, I’m going to save myself a boatload of time and just attach the PDF for your perusal here.

Read through, decide who you’d like to play as, and let me know in the text message group! Stat tweaks, character tweaks, and original characters are welcome, just make sure that stats add up to somewhere between 9 to 11 points.

One important thing to note, stats will dramatically affect your play style in combat. If you select a character with imbalanced stats (Hot Dog, Aiden, Stinky P) please make sure you learn how that will help and hinder you in combat. These stat profiles are untested, we may adjust on the fly if a character is too under/overpowered.

Feel free to print off your character sheet if you like! I will have copies available.

That’s all for now!