Three stats are used in lieu of the classic six:

GRIT: The strongest deserve the most bread, and I’m the strongest.

A combination of the classic ‘Strength’ and ‘Constitution’. Grit measures your ability to dish it out and deliver. When the chips are down, who’s gonna peck at them? That’s right, you are. Those are your chips, go get em.

HUSTLE: I’ll do or say whatever it takes to get the most bread

A combination of the archetypal ‘Dexterity’ and ‘Charisma’. Grit measures how you’re moving different. You dance through social circles and traffic circles with grace and flair. You can get close and get personal with strangers.

STREET SMARTS: I know the best way to get the most bread

A combination of the quintessential ‘Intelligence’ and ‘Wisdom’. You’re thinking so far ahead you’re deducing the font that’ll be used on your opponents gravestones. You’ll have insight, foresight, maybe even more sight.

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