Hardscrabble Data Sheet

LetterQTYPTVALRisky FlipDescription
Blank20Puff Up(Pre-Flight or Combat, No Risk) Increase one of our stats by a D6 for the duration or remainder of Combat).
E121Claw AttackAttack for double your base attack (GRIT) + 1
A91AAAAAAAADamage all party members 1HP, deal GRIT + 6
I81I’m walkin here!(voice req) Heals 2HP. Anyone with this tile in their inventory can choose to parrot to heal an additional 1HP.
O61Over here!One random opponent will target you at their next attack. (Double risk, choose the opponent)
N61Nelly’s RetreatAllows you alone to exit combat. ALT – must sing “I’m like a bird” and have everyone reply “I only fly away”.
R61Rock Dove WallReduce the damage a teammate takes by a D6 for the duration of combat.
T61Spooky Taxidermy StoryScares a teammate still, opponents ignore them for one full turn. Teammate cannot move or attack.
L41Lets Gooo!If successful, take two basic attacks immediately.
S41Swap Meet!Can take or give up to three total tiles with a consenting teammate.
U41Ummmmm No.Block the next attack directed at you in combat.
D42When Doves CryDoubles Grit for all future combat turns (Quadruple against avian opponents).
G32GunGlock ’em for 9 damage. Failed flip causes misfire, dealing you 3 damage
B23Broadway MusicalSing a bit from a broadway musical. Opponent takes 1-10 damage at DM’s discretion
C23ColumbiBAE(from Columbidae) – heals a teammate for health equal to half your STREET SMARTS rounded down
M23New York Minute MovementIf successful, take three basic attacks immediately.
P23Poopity SwoopConsume a Tool anywhere on the board, do D6x3 Damage to an opponent.
F24Fuggedtaboutit(voice req) Opponents won’t attack you or a designated teammate for a full turn.
H24Cuddle HuddleHug a consenting teammate. No flip required if adjacent. Both players roll a D6 and heal that much HP
V24Vomit CometDamage self for half of remaining HP rounded down, damage opponent for your max HP
W24Wisdom of the DodoDesignate a teammate to receive a D6 increase in STREET SMARTS for the rest of the battle
Y24YOLO(No risk) burn all tiles and redraw the quantity of tiles you burned
K15Kiss of Cher AmiRevive a downed teammate with D6 HP. No Flip required if adjacent.
J18G.I. Joe (the pigeon)Blocks the first fatal blow to land on any teammate or self during a battle.
X18Xtreme StuntsParkour all over your enemies. Attack for HUSTLE x3, Opponents won’t attack you for the next two full turns.
Q110Queensbridge BurnBurn all tiles and flip. if Heads, do total PTVALx2. if a U is burned, do x5. Tails does no damage. Redraw a quantity of tiles equal to your HUSTLE.
Z1103-Mile AnnihilationIf successful, flip 3 coins. attack for: (Grit + HUSTLE + STREET SMARTS) x number of heads


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