Hardscrabble Combat




  1. involving hard work and struggle.

You Will Need

-Scrabble Tiles
-A simple six sided dice (A “D6” in D&D speak)
-A mastery of the rules of Easy Scrabble Combat.
-The Hardscrabble data sheet
-To keep track of the damage taken by your character throughout combat.
-A coin (optional)

Let’s take a look at the first few lines of the data sheet, and break some terms down

Blank20Puff up(Pre-Fight, No Risk) Increase one of your stats by a D6 / 2 for the duration of combat
E121Claw AttackAttack for double your base attack (Grit) + 1
A91AAAAAAAADamage all party members 1HP, deal Grit + 6.
I91I’m walkin here!(voice req) Heals 2HP. Anyone with this tile in their inventory can reply with voice to heal the player an additional 1HP

Letter: The letter of the scrabble tile used. Blank is the blank one.
QTY: The quantity of scrabble tiles of the respective letter, for helpful reference. 
PTVAL: The point value of the tile, as well as the “Damage” the tile does on a Basic Attack
Stunt: The name of the “Stunt” that you can choose to perform.
Description: Extra actions required to perform the Stunt (in parentheses) as well as the results of performing the Stunt successfully.  

Stunt Combat

Stunts have the benefit of ‘infinite range’ but when playing a combat stunt, you’re expected to have line of sight, i.e. be able to draw a straight path to your target.

To perform a Stunt, a player’s Street smarts + Damage Taken must be equal to or higher than the PTVAL of the tile. If you wanna pull off cool spells and you’re not streetwise, you gotta risk it for the biscuit. Follow any extra actions in the instructions, and then flip the tile.

If the tile lands face up your stunt is performed!

If your tile lands face down your stunt flops! Bummer! Finish your movement if you haven’t already.


  1. What stat is used to determine the amount of squares you can move?
  2. True or False: You can only move before your attack or stunt. after your attack your turn ends.
  3. If your character has a Street Smarts of 2 and has taken 2 Damage, can the player perform ‘Kiss of Cher Ami’?
  4. True or False: the ‘Spooky Taxidermy Story’ requires consent of the teammate being scared.
  5. What is the only tile that is played in the Pre-Fight-Flight stage of combat?

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